Playtapus “Beverage” Bladder Smuggling Storage Device

Less gross than it seems when you realize you can easily smuggle  carry about one and a 1/3rd bottle of wine  1 liter (A Trenta Iced Tea with 3+ extra ounces for vodka 33.8 ounces) of a delicious (and legal beverage) to enjoy while hiking, or on a walk around your local park–  comes in 750ml and 1 liter sizes, either way, that’s a significant amount of long island iced tea!

Super cleanable in the dishwasher, packable down to size for easy smugglin storage, and easy to just snap onto a backpack, belt loop, fanny pack, hip holster, or the back of your head with ducktape during a Christmasy standoff in Los Angeles.

yippie kay yea – I need it!

  • Highly packable: Easily flattens and rolls up when empty, saving space.
  • Secure: Patent pending DuoLock™ dual-locking cap won’t accidentally flip or twist open, averting leaks.
  • Easy to fill and clean: Wide mouth opening eases filling and cleaning; bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Ready to go: Clip gate handle makes it easy to carry the bottle, or securely clip it to a strap or loop.
  • Great drinking experience: Taste-free materials ensure unwanted tastes won’t ruin water freshness.
  • 1 liter or 750ml sizes

Oh, please, my drive to consume is as insatiable as my thirst!

The Thirst Is Real