OK, so this is a thing:

a  build on brick mug exterior surface that is compatible with most LEGO, ( or Mega-Bloks / Kre-O bricks— you know… the knock offs) (not included).
So you can steal your daughter’s lego pieces while you steal time away from her by working those long hours which you push away by mixing tequila into your coffee.

No shame. Just great a great looking mug you constantly fear stepping on in the dark in your tequila-coffee induced insomniac stupper.

But dang does it look GOOOOOD

Some dets on the lego mugo:

  • BPA-free plastic. Handwash Only.
  • Build something on your mug while drinking some coffee. Have fun! IT IS MANDATED!
  • 12-ounce capacity. 
  • This mug does not come with any bricks. Legos will only fit in the areas with the raised dots
  • Bricks not included. Ya gotta steal your niece’s or son’s– sorry kido.

Do not microwave.

Coffee Brick Me