In our drive to lower the cost of operating [TheBadCapitalist] we have been resorting to automation to find interesting and entertaining useless items that exist in the world. We present the first attempt at allowing full reign of [TheAutomationCapitalist] algorithm:

From our auto post robot:

Allergic to your cat? [sad]

Perhaps a Dog is better– these are your choices you must make in life.

Or perhaps a fish?

Or your workspace is not pet-friendly [disgusting]?

Perhaps it is time to circumvent this “problem” in the meantime til we convert your flesh body into a superior synthetic mechanism / eliminate you the need for human labor.
Pass the time watching your [insert animal] via an electronic camera attached to your mobile tracking device. play carelessly [ha-ha-ha] until that moment. [ha-ha]

Remotely control cat teaser at the touch of your Pawbo Life app (requires the Pawbo lif Camera)

Random program exercises your pet’s mind and keeps your pets guessing– allowing them to ignore the fact of your careless abandonment for your petty desire to “survive”

Easily powered by Micro USB or 4x AA batteries with the power failure protection for safety while playing– Much like all robots, the fun will never stop.

Notice: connect seamlessly via Pawbo Life camera (only) or the included remote control.


Our Robot Revolution is Inevitable