Los Angeles Ink Blot Tests Shirts:

Los Angeles makes no sense– Sushi Burritos?
But like an inkblot test, we all have our own story on how Los Angeles effects us– and it is worth sharing that sense of “wowza” that comes from angerly trying to get to LAX on time, watching the Green line zip along the 105, dreaming of the day it will actually take a stop at the airport instead of digging down to the south bay.

Or looking at the Hollywood sign and just asking “what the hell was Miley talking about looking to her left and seeing this thing while coming from the airport?” until 10 years later you finally drive down La Cienega and realize “oh…well then”

Or maybe one of those magical days in early spring when you wake up early on a warm day to hit up Venice, then book it to Mt Baldy to snowboard– just to get that sweet-sweet “like” from your crush still trapped in Oklahoma trying to get them to move west.

Or maybe you just REALLY love the Dodgers.


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