You ever want to make the Game Hunter, Roland Tembo, from The Lost World [ Jurassic Park II ] Proud?

Damn  right you do.  I don’t think I need to write any further…. I will, because the [ROBOT] has decided to take a holiday to visit ██████ [not a human death camp seminar] and apparently accidentally ordered a few WAY too many socks (that is another story)

But who cares about that!

I mean, if your workspace is too small to fit something else magnificent to impress your clients and investors with your prowess, this is equally amazing to show off your disposable income SKILLZ



“But, Capitalism!” I hear you say, through the microphone as you sit at your desk avoiding work for a few sweet moments between calls, awaiting the dark everlasting embrace of your own Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, “I like other colors besides Black heads and Gold Teeth!” you continue, hoping in your heart that your statement didn’t come off as racist [it did].

I feel ya, Maybe Gold Teeth ain’ yo thang.

How about Solid gold (paint…not real gold paint… #BallerOnBudget)

Oh man, oh man…. All I need is
to find a stud, or get myself an anchor screw– and mount a few of these these bad boys (or bad girls #DinosaurFeminism) to the wall, secure in the knowledge that because dinosaurs have been dead for some time, these things are cruelty-free. as well as mitigating the risk of one falling on, and killing, you.


Adorn your halls in Different Hand Painted Colors (Including Pink!)


Embrace the Golden Dino-Diety That You Are 

You have a T-Rex!? We have a T-Rex